My Bourbon Review: Speakeasy

Bourbon: Speakeasy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (94.4 Proof) produced by Willett Distillery

Cost: $27.99

Appearance: Light Caramel – appears to be very young

Nose: This one isn’t too fancy. Lots of corn and a sweet vanilla finish

Feel: Light and soft. Gets off the tongue quickly.

Taste: Immediately hits the front of the tongue. Moves back into the body upon swallowing. The first thing you taste is corn. After it mellows predominate flavors are cherry, citrus, and vanilla.

Finish: Medium long finish with spice undertones. Predominate medicinal burn.

Rating: In all honesty, I enjoyed this bourbon much more on ice than I did neat. The water and coolness from the ice brought out some fruity undertones that were unnoticeable drinking straight. That being said, this is a solid product given the price range. I don’t necessary recommend stocking your bar with this, but it’s worth a try at your local watering hole especially if you are a fan of young tasting, flavorful bourbon.





1 – A terrible pour. Not good at all. Not worth polluting your body with.
2 – A decent pour. Would drink if there were limited options available.
3 – A solid pour. Worth trying at your local watering hole.
4 – An awesome pour. Recommend stocking your home bar with.
5 – An amazing pour. Reserved for the best of the best. Would buy multiple bottles and hoard them.