My Bourbon Review: Jim Beam Bonded



Bourbon: Jim Beam Bonded  (100Proof) produced by Jim Beam
Cost: $19.99
Appearance: Light Amber – thin

Nose: Tobacco and spice. Slight vanilla sweetness. Oak.

Feel: Soft and lingering. While thin, surprising stays on the tongue for a while.

Taste: Hits the back of the tongue. First flavor is deep caramel. As things heat up spice and tobacco move into the body. Corn sweetness hits at the very end with slight cherry.

Finish: Medium long finish with spice undertones. Hints of cherry and walnut. Surprisingly good finish. Slight burn due to the higher proof, but still has a touch of that floral Jim Beam finish – however not as overwhelming as White Label

Rating: I enjoyed this bourbon much more than I though I would. While the finish is a bit boozey, I was surprised by the complexity and the lack of typical Beam finish. At $20 a bottle this is a great buy. Considering it’s only a couple bucks more than White Label, this bourbon is worth sitting on your home bar.


1 – A terrible pour. Not good at all. Not worth polluting your body with.
2 – A decent pour. Would drink if there were limited options available.
3 – A solid pour. Worth trying at your local watering hole.
4 – An awesome pour. Recommend stocking your home bar with.
5 – An amazing pour. Reserved for the best of the best. Would buy multiple bottles and hoard them.


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